TAS Select

Tennis Academy of the South

Ages 7-12 | Tournament Player Beginner-Intermediate | Weekdays After School

A competitive training program designed for juniors 7-12 years who are ready to commit to tennis at a higher level. There are 3 levels of training based on ability level and tournament results. Students train 2 to 3 times per week for 1.5 to 2 hours. TAS pros incorporate specific goals, skills and objectives for each level with a strong emphasis on creating a competitive atmosphere that is fun. The staff encourages tournament participation where juniors focus on developing skills rather than pushing results. Juniors learn the modern game of tennis to ready them for competitive play: hitting with topspin, exacting footwork, consistent baseline rallying, effective net play and proper service technique. Students may qualify for TAS Select by winning 2 USTA sanctioned tournament matches or achieving a USTA state ranking. Enrollment is by invitation of the TAS Select Director based on evaluation and/or tournament experience. Evaluations are requested and scheduled through the Director.

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