Tennis Academy of the South Tennis / FAQ

The Academy goal is to develop each individual to their full potential in the game of tennis as well as life. The Academy staff works on two parallel tracks. One is developing a year round training environment for the physical, mental and emotional development of the national, sectional, state and unranked player. The other track is developing life skills through the discipline of training and competition.

How are drill sessions structured at TAS? TAS offers 4 drill session time periods throughout the school year, 11weeks in length, and a summer drill program, 8 weeks in length.

How are juniors grouped? All juniors are grouped by 1) ranking, 2) head to head matches against other academy juniors, 3) attitude and work ethic, and 4) yearly commitment. Juniors are evaluated every 11-weeks to move up in groupings, based on the above.

What is the annual program fee? Each junior is charged an annual fee which encompasses a lot of extra programming designed to take their game to the next level. The annual program fee is $275 and is due when a junior joins the Academy. Their program fee is prorated from the August 10th and the fee is fully refunded for the first 30 days a junior is in the Academy. Included in the annual program fee is complimentary tournament coaching, intra Academy match play, mental toughness imagery seminars, match play set up against other academies,

Special event weekends for team match play, reduced pricing on tennis equipment, in-depth college selection service for tennis scholarships, and parent seminars.

How much do drill sessions cost? TAS has 3 levels of training. Level 1 which is 2 drill sessions per week for 11-weeks (22 drill sessions) $$682, Level 2 which is 3 drill sessions per week for 11-weeks (33 drill sessions) $1023.00, and Level 3 training which is 4 drills per week For 11-weeks (44 drill sessions) $1364.00.

Is there a money back guarantee if my juniors joins and then decides to leave? Yes, the Academy gives a junior 30 days to try out the drill session and programming. At the end of 30 days a junior can receive a full refund of the annual program fee, and only pay for the number of weekly drill sessions they have attended.

Can I join the Academy at any time? Yes, juniors may join in the middle of a session and their drill session fees are pro rated from their start date and annual program fee is prorated from the Academy ��s annual start date in August.

Where is the Academy located? The Academy offers programming at Hudlow Tennis Center in Norcross, Chattahoochee River Club in Cumming, and Newtown Park in Johns Creek.

Do you have to commit to the full 11-week drill session time period? Yes, however, any new junior entering the Academy will have their fees prorated.

When do drill sessions take place? Drill sessions are run Monday through Saturday. Week day times are 4:30-6:30 or 6:30-8:30, while Saturday times are 10:00-12:00, 1:00-3:00, and 3:00-5:00.

Does TAS provide tournament coaching? Yes, the staff offers day and overnight coaching for 30 tournaments a year. Included in tournament coaching is the staff critiquing pre tournament goals, warming juniors up each day, watching matches and coaching between sets, and critiquing post tournament evaluations written by each junior.