Tennis Academy of the South

The TAS Academy program is the core of the junior training program. The Academy program allows each player the opportunity to grow within a commitment level in which they are most comfortable.


The Tennis Academy of the South (TAS) offers several options for on court training in order to meet needs of our juniors. TAS offers (8) six week sessions and (1) 5 week session during the year.



The staff has incorporated an annual programming fee to help ensure that TAS juniors receive the benefits of competitive training aspects of the game. Players and parents who participate in what is included in the annual fee will take full advantage of what TAS has to offer and receive tremendous value. Each junior will be charged an annual program fee to participate in TAS. A junior’s membership begins with their initial start date and runs through the end of July. The fee will be pro-rated after the August start date. Two or more juniors in a family only pay 1 program fee, and receive all benefits. The annual program fee is refundable for the 1st 30 days froma junior's inital start date with TAS.

Each junior receives the following from the annual program fee:

Complimentary Coaching Offered At 5 Tournaments During School Year and Juniors choose 2 to receive the coaching:

The coaching includes critiquing juniors’ pre-tournament goals, early morning warm-ups, watching matches, helping juniors and parents cope with the pressure of tournament competition, and critiquing juniors’ post tournament evaluations.

Match Play Days: 4-5 During the School Year. $7 court fee charged for participation in match play.

Off Court Parent Seminar: Once annually, typically in the fall. Provides new parents and players in-depth information about how juniors can get the most out of the academy and which tournaments juniors should be playing for their age and ability level.

College Selection Service For Tennis Scholarships: The Academy staff will write letters of recommendation to college coaches, meet with parents to discuss the best college fit, call coaches to provide information about juniors, and videotape juniors’ games to send to coaches.

Tennis Equipment Purchasing: All juniors and their family members are sold tennis equipment at the lowest price possible from Dunlop, Head, Wilson, Tecnifibre and Prince. The money saved on purchasing tennis equipment alone can pay for the annual program fee.




For a junior to meet their goals parents and junior must understand the commitment level involved in reaching those goals. The following is a short synopsis of levels of commitment

· SECTIONAL/NATIONAL RANKED: To reach a solid southern or national ranking most juniors need to practice 5-6 days a week on average. This includes taking 1 or more private lessons and drilling at least 3-4 times weekly. Juniors with these goals play 2 tournaments a month on average, typically level 2 and 3 sectional and national. These players are willing to travel throughout the South as well as to other parts of the country to play national level tournaments in order to reach their goals. To perform their best and to help prevent injuries, they must commit to an off court physical training program 2-3 days a week. To maximize their results, a tennis journal should be kept where they keep lesson information, a record of off court conditioning times, pre and post tournament goal sheets which they review with their coach, and a player file of opponent’s strengths and weaknesses for reference the next time they play an opponent.

· STATED RANKED: To obtain a solid USTA state ranking most juniors play tennis a minimum of 4 times per week, which includes one private lesson and a minimum of 2 drills per week. They should play at least 1 level 3 or 4 state tournament every 6 weeks. This junior should set up at least one practice match weekly.

· HIGH SCHOOL PLAYER: We suggest you do not join the academy if you plan to only come to drills to prepare for high school tennis season or if you know you will stop taking all drills during the season. High school tennis practices are typically not sufficient to help junior’s improve and it is not uncommon for juniors’ games to “get worse” during high school tennis season, particularly if they are required to attend all team practices. We want to prepare players to be successful at the high school level and beyond and feel it is not good use of your time or money to jump in and out of the Academy for brief periods; we need continuity to develop your player’s game. If a junior wants to play high school tennis, we recommend that you consider the following: 1) the amount of time spent going to practice and travel time to matches, 2) whether or not you will play, or just play doubles, 3) if you are playing singles or doubles against other players that can regularly give you good competition.

Parents and juniors should know that many high school tennis teams in Atlanta are competitive and so unless their junior is committed to at least a state ranking level they may make the team but may not play any matches, or may only play doubles during the season. High school tennis takes a lot of time and is often enjoyable, but rarely improves juniors’ games. Juniors playing high school tennis who want to keep improving their games during the season will continue coming to their regular drills and private lessons. The Academy runs 2 extra drills weekly on weekends during high school season to help juniors get in all of their drills.



During the school, August through May, our drills run Monday through Thursday 4:30-6:30 at Hudlow Tennis Center and Sandy Springs Tennis Center. Homeschool drills are held Mon/Wed/Fri 1:30-3:30 at SSTC.

Juniors are placed in drill groupings based on ability level, USTA ranking, commitment level and work ethic. Juniors with a higher commitment level will be given preference to move up in drill groupings. The staff is extremely interested in helping juniors who work hard all year long, not just periodically. The staff meets once a month to consider moving juniors in drill groupings. All staff have equal input in creating the best groupings.



Juniors sign up for 2 drill sessions weekly for 6 weeks

There are 3 make-up drill sessions a junior may attend


Juniors sign up for 3 drills per week for 6 weeks

Each junior signed up for 3 drills weekly will be given a 4th set drill time weekly. As they have a 4th drill weekly there are no other make ups


Juniors sign up for 4 drills per week for 6 weeks with 7 drill session times provided weekly.  With 2 drills built into the weekly schedule there are no other make-up times


Juniors sign up for 4-6 drills per week for 6 weeks with 6 drill session times provided weekly. With extra drills built into the weekly schedule there are no other make-up times. Includes an off-court tennis specific exercise program done with a professional trainer.

NOTE: Conditioning sessions with professional trainer are offered to all TAS members at a fee of $10/hour with a minimum of 5 participants per session.



· When the weather looks “iffy” call the TAS business line 404-668-7623 one hour in advance of the drill time. If the message machine has a general message then drills are on. If drills are cancelled the message machine will give specific instructions about the drill being cancelled. If the weather is inclement earlier in the day the staff will cancel the drill as soon as they know the weather will not clear.

· Academy members receive a e-mail when there are make-up opportunities on the weekends. We will confirm your e-mail response about a make-up drill. Do not come to a make- up drill without confirmation. Your request for a make-up must be made 24 hours in advance of the drill time. Do not leave a phone message or email late the night before and then attend the make-up drill the next day.



· If you are NEW to the academy or haven’t done this yet: 1) Contact Peggy Miller to discuss your participation in the academy - which drills would be the best fit for your level, if a try-out is needed, etc. 2) Fill out our enrollment form and then print out and fill out the 3 forms under “join us” on our website, Indemnifying Release, Registration, and Consent to Treat. 3) Print out and fill out the self-billing drill session sheet. 4) Mail the 4 signed forms with a check (which includes drill fee + annual program fee) to: TAS, P.O. Box 720147, Atlanta, GA, 30358.

· If you are already a MEMBER of the academy and have previously filled out forms on our website: 1) Print out and fill out the self-billing drill session sheet. 2) Mail the billing sheet with a check (which includes drill fee + annual program fee) to: TAS, P.O. Box 720147, Atlanta, GA, 30358 by August 4th. 3) E-mail Peggy Miller your intention to participate in drills, which option you are choosing, and which days of week and site you are requesting. She will confirm your schedule as a good fit for your level.


For All Program Information & Registration, Please Call: Peggy Miller: (404) 668-7623 or send email to