Mission and Approach

Tennis Academy of the South

TAS Mission Statement

Tennis Academy of the South strives to develop aspiring juniors to become the next generation of collegiate and world class tennis players. Our expert training addresses the physical, mental and emotional aspects of tennis. From the high performance player to the recreational player, we leverage our proven approach to tennis success across all ages and levels of play.

TAS Approach

Tennis Academy of the South’s philosophy and approach to teaching reflect a holistic view of the teaching process and the student. We view tennis and athleticism as a dimension of life. Every aspect of instruction, whether we’re training the next NCAA champion or teaching a 7 year old simple ball control, uses tennis as a medium to teach critical life skills. We spend a lifetime performing under pressure, not just on the tennis court. Tennis promotes high executive function in youngsters and adults. The skill set required to win a hard fought ALTA match or a USTA national tournament is the same skill set that enables success in life. TAS training incorporates goal setting, delayed gratification, perseverance, problem solving, accountability and adversity training.